Our HistoryPerhaps, at 28 years of age, I was too young (and foolish) to consider the financial and emotional risks of leaving a secure career at a reputable firm to start a construction company.However, I believed if I focused on my clients desires with honesty, dedication, and determination, my business would be a success.

Everything Begins with Bill Regali

Bill, the kid

  • Sees dirty trucks

1955 Bill notices local phone company drivers washing trucks after work

  • Starts venture

Bill decides he can make a few bucks washing the trucks for them

A ready smile, quick wit and ability to work efficiently earned him quite a few bucks and the respect of the much older drivers

The man

  • Joins the Armed Forces

1961 Bill joins the armed services

  • Gets hitched and leaves hometown

1964 Bill asks Karen Seversen to marry him by sending her a poem written on a roll of toilet paper

The newlyweds leave Duluth, MN and head to Madison, WI

Bill begins a new job working for reputable engineering firm

  • Begins family

1965 July, First son, AJ, was born

1966 July, Curt (CW) arrives one year, one day later

  • Sees opportunity and seizes it

1970 Pre-engineered steel buildings gain popularity

Bill believes he can make a few bucks if he delivers quality buildings, at a fair-price

1972 American Structures General, Inc. opens for business and begins building Sun Prairie VFW

  • Grows business and forges partnerships

1972 - 1982 ASG grows rapidly, building steel commercial construction projects in Madison, WI area

1980 - 1985 Bill hires sons, Curt and AJ, to perform hands-on tasks during summer months

1982 - 1985 ASG partners with Butler Manufacturing, premier manufacturer of metal building systems

ASG builds Trachte Building Systems Inc. 40,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Sun Prairie

ASG begins constructing Trachte's pre-engineered minis and storage units

The patriarch

  • Delegates responsibilities, hands over the reigns and reaps the rewards

Early 1980s Bill offers sons positions at ASG and transfers of ownerships

2001 to present Bill Regali's enjoys the fruits of his last successful venture, retirement.

The next generation

  • ASG continues to grow and prosper

American Structures General, Inc.

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