The Pre-construction Phase

What happens in the early stages of a construction project?

This is the time to determine the who, what, when, where, and why of your project.

•  Project objectives are defined.

•  Conceptual preparations are determined and prepared.

•  Budgets are set.

•  Evaluations, studies, value engineering/analysis, constructability reviews, are completed.

•  Time-frames, procedures, logistics are determined.

•  Building permits/requests and paperwork are obtained and submitted.

•  Quotes/estimates are obtained.

•  Pros and cons of your building options are discussed.

Who should be involved?

Ideally? Everyone who will be working on your project!

However, we know that is not reasonable, there are simply too many players required to take your project from concept to completion. This is why most successful projects utilize a team leader capable of putting together the best team for your specific project.

What are team leaders responsible for?

A team leader works for you, the project owner.

They review project related data, discuss the pros and cons of various options and help you make educated decisions.

They require a broad-base of knowledge in the commercial construction industry and the ability to effectively communicate with you and everyone involved with your project.

What characteristics should team leaders display?

Along with all the obvious characteristics such as honesty respectfulness, dependability, accountability, determination, we believe the best team leaders have a sincere desire to succeed!

The best time to make ASG your team leader?

From the very beginning!

Successful building projects depend on strategic... methodical... planning even before the building is designed. One thing is sure, "over-looks" in the early stages of a construction project inevitably cost time and money later.

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