Our Simple Seven Step Process...

1. Understand

Getting to know you, your business and your goals helps us make informed decisions regarding your expectations.

2. Assess

We assess construction site for project-specific concerns

Geographical factors

Legal issues

3. Identify

What and who is needed to complete your project:



Site requirements

4. Anticipate

Cost of overhead,

General physiological conditions

Labor required

5. Suggest

Most projects need to provide financial institutions with an estimate of anticipated costs.

We provide an "estimate" based on  list a Variety of methods and services

Propose price from which significant savings can be garnered based on the options you choose

6. Determine

When it comes time to sharpen the pencil we sit down with you to discuss your options. We talk about the conditions of your site, and the various vendors and materials available. We then go over the pros and cons of your options and help you make informed decisions to determine exactly how you expect your project to be built.

7. Propose

Your final bid takes into account everything we have discussed and is all encompassing there are no hidden charges...no surprises!


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